How Retained Primitive Reflexes Are Holding My Child Back

Bedwetting & My Child

Are you aware that BEDWETTING is a sign/symptom of a brain that isn't developing in the right balance, timing, or sequencing? Brain balance, timing, and sequencing are critical for your child's overall development as they determine if your child will be prepared to meet the growing demands as he or she advances academically and directly impact your child's success in life.

About 15% of children, 5 years of age and older, continue to wet the bed. If the underlying causes referred to as retained primitive reflexes are left untreated, they will add unnecessary stress, confusion, and challenges to your child, limiting their ability to thrive.

To AFFIRM your child is on the path to thrive with the right BRAIN DEVELOPMENT and PERFORMANCE, we invite you to join our webinar, How Retained Primitive Reflexes Are Holding My Child Back , on Tuesday, April 2nd at 5:00 pm CDT.

The Sequencing & Timing of Brain Development

We will discuss the roles of the primary areas involved in brain development, how signs/symptoms can warn of deficits in each area, and how they delay a child's overall development and capability.

Special emphasis will be placed on what primitive reflexes are, their role in brain and child development, and how their signs/symptoms hold your child back. Specifically, we will highlight retention of the Spinal Galant Reflex, which is responsible for bedwetting and bladder & bowel movement control.

Signs and symptoms of additional retained primitive reflexes include, but are not limited to: emotional grounding, toe-walking, W-sitting, poor concentration, poor short-term memory, sensory overload, visual processing delays, fidgeting, lack of focus, poor balance, impulse control, can't cross mid-line, anxiety, trouble reading, weak fine-motor skills, and organizational issues.

During this webinar, you will learn WHY your child may still wet the bed, ADDITIONAL warning signs that your child's brain is not developing in the right timeline, and what steps you need to take and how you can set your child on the PATH to success.

Hosted by:

Dr. Lorenzana & Ryan Mann

How Can We Help And Why You Need To RSVP...

We will provide you with a simplified version of how your child's brain functions, in order for you to help your child succeed.

After Tuesday, April 2nd at 5:00 pm CDT you will know...
1) Why it is important to know how your child’s brain works
2) Which parts are responsible for learning
3) HOW TO IDENTIFY sign and symptoms that your child's brain isn't developing in the right timing &
4) Guide you on WHAT TO DO to accelerate your child's brain and overall development so that he/she will successfully thrive!!

Join this informative and unique webinar to receive a complementary primitive reflex screening!!


"Dr. Lorenzana explained how the brain and vision is connected and made me understand how behavior was a correlation with my child's vision problems. I had finally found somebody that would understand our struggle. Beside the esthetic part of the eyes, I found behavioral changes, very good changes"

-Ms. Vasilescu

We Can’t Wait to Share With You on Tuesday, April 2nd at 5:00 pm CDT!