How Retained Primitive Reflexes Are Holding My Child Back

My Child is Clumsy & Bumps Into Things

Do you feel like your child tends to bump into things or is very CLUMSY? If so this could be an indication that your child's brain is not developing in the right timing or sequencing.

DO YOU KNOW that the better your child's BRAIN PERFORMS, the more prepared your child will be to MEET and ACHIEVE the demands in all areas of life including academics, athletics, or even social and emotional interaction? Brain Performance directly impacts your child's success in life and is dependent on the BRAIN DEVELOPING in the right balance, timing, and sequence.

If the underlying causes referred to as RETAINED PRIMITIVE REFLEXES are left untreated, your child will have unnecessary stress and challenges that limit your child's ability to thrive.

To AFFIRM your child is on the path to successfully thrive with the right BRAIN DEVELOPMENT and PERFORMANCE, we invite you to join our webinar, How Retained Primitive Reflexes Are Holding My Child Back , on Tuesday, June 25th at 12:00 pm CDT.

The Sequencing & Timing of Brain Development

In this webinar, Neuro - Developmental Pediatric Optometrist, Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana and Certified Brain Health Coach, Ryan Mann, will simplify the complexity of the brain, discuss areas and timing involved in brain development, signs/symptoms that warn of deficits in various areas, and the impact of delays in your child's overall capability and ability to succeed.

Special emphasis will be placed on what primitive reflexes are, their role in brain and child development, and how their signs/symptoms hold your child back. Specifically, we will highlight the
Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR), which is connected to the symptom of clumsiness.

Signs and symptoms of additional retained primitive reflexes include, but are not limited to:
Balance & Coordination Problems - Shrunken Posture - Easily Fatigued - Muscle Tone too weak or too tight - Difficulty judging distance, depth, space, and speed- Fear of heights- Motion Sickness- VIsual, Speech & Auditory Difficulties- Tendency to be cross eyed- Stiff, Jerky Movement- Difficulty Walking Up & Down Stairs- and Difficulty following directions or movement instructions.

During this webinar, you will learn WHY your child may struggle with confusing left and right, WHAT can be done to remediate it, ADDITIONAL warning signs that your child's brain is not developing in the right timeline, and WHICH steps are necessary to get your child on the PATH to success.

Hosted by:

Dr. Lorenzana & Ryan Mann

How We Help And Why You Need To RSVP...

We will provide you with a simplified version of brain function, to empower you with the knowledge needed in making informed choices to help your child.

After Tuesday, June 25th at 12:00 pm CDT you will know...
1) Why it is important to know how your child’s brain works
2) Which parts are responsible for learning
3) HOW TO IDENTIFY sign and symptoms that your child's brain isn't developing in the right timing &
4) Guide you on WHAT TO DO to accelerate your child's brain and overall development so that he/she will successfully thrive!!

Join this informative and unique webinar to receive a complementary primitive reflex screening!!


"Dr. Lorenzana explained how the brain and vision is connected and made me understand how behavior was a correlation with my child's vision problems. I had finally found somebody that would understand our struggle. Beside the esthetic part of the eyes, I found behavioral changes, very good changes"

-Ms. Vasilescu

See you there - Tuesday, June 25th at 12:00 pm CDT!